Because part of my project involves a miniature house I thought it would make sense to do a little research into dollhouses (although my house is on a smaller scale). The design of my house is obviously quite different as I don’t intend on having it open up for people to see, it would reveal too much; the only way it is to be viewed is through windows and small gaps/cracks. Detail is very important to me so I was only really interested in the older, more intricate .

(While this is great for children it’s not nearly detailed or realistic enough for what I’m trying to achieve.)

Looking through all the pictures of dollhouses and dollhouse furniture took me back to my childhood quite a bit. There was a dollhouse shop near where we lived and I used to love going there and looking at all the tiny furniture and such (I got a dollhouse from there for my 10th birthday though the tiny furniture was well made and very expensive). They also had a catalog which I used to spend hours looking through. Now that I think about it small things have always fascinated me.

TudorKit 2005 victorian-dollhouse-kit
(I found this to be very relevant to what I’m trying to achieve with my house and felt really quite excited about finding this. I think I will do a brief bit of research on this artist.)

From here I began looking into the small details and more into miniature furniture; then the making of it.

Because my little house is quite a bit smaller I am somewhat limited when it comes to the materials I might use. I’ll likely stick with thin cardboard, though I may bring some fabric into it.


I had the idea of possibly finding a really small working clock that I could have in my house as part of the back-story, but after searching around I realised that my house is just a bit too small for it. I decided I would instead paint the clocks around the house and make them appear to have all stopped at the same specific time. This will become a big part of the story and a detail I’m hoping people will pick up on without it having to be pointed out to them.


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